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Grade A Office Space For Lease

Sathapana Tower is offering a unique opportunity to lease Grade A office space following the International Standards. Designed to anticipate the needs of tomorrow, it offers modular, adaptable, workspaces for greater freedom of use and creative interaction.  It is offering a wide range of sizes thanks to a typical floorplate of 933 sqm Net Leasable Area, splittable from only 113 sqm NLA.

At Sathapana Tower the Occupiers are able to find quality workplace, experience prime handover conditions, have confidence in proficient safety and security, enjoy innovative and connected premises, flexible and efficient workspace.


Sathapana Tower is also an ambitious urban project with strong environmental ambitions. Located in the heart of Phnom Penh Financial district and spanning the major boulevard, Sathapana Tower is more than an office building, it’s an integral part of the urban landscape. Its lush landscaped canopy open entrance creates a physical link that reconnects the city with ideas, people with nature.

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Handover Conditions

Sathpana Tower is the first of a new generation of Grade A office buildings in Cambodia.

It aims to raise the standards in Phnom Penh to match the International standards providing ready to move-in office space with the handover conditions including

- Suspended Ceiling

- Lighting

- Centralised Air-Conditioning

- Raised Flooring

- Carpet

- Fire Safety Systems

- Cellphone signal boosters


Safety & Security

Built under International Standards, it is offering a state-of-the-art Fire Safety System and Grade A security through 3 levels of access control for its Occupiers.

Fire Safety: Official Certificate, Fire Alarm, Smoke & Heat Detectors, Sprinkler System, Fire Extinguishers,  Fire Hose Reels, 2 Pressurised Staircases, 2 Fire Separated Fire Exits, General Evacuation Procedures, 1 Rally Point.

Security: ATALIAN Security Manpower, Speedgates Access Controlled, Elevator Access Controlled, Office Unit Locked Door.



Commerical Terms

Rent: $28 /sqm/month

Service Charge: $5 /sqm/month

(including A/C during Business Hours)

Lease Term: 3 years

Size: 5,281 sqm available

Splittable from: 113 sqm


- $100 /car for 7am-8pm - $150 /car for 24/7

- $15 /motorbike for 7am-8pm

All area are calculate on a Net Leasable Area basis.

Why Choosing Sathapana Tower?


A new generation of Grade A office buildings in Cambodia, offering the best quality experience to its occupiers thanks to a premium handover condition, international standards, proficient building systems, innovative technologies, prime property management, and services.


An ultra-central neighbourhood, ever more accessible. At the heart of the Financial Hub within the Central Business District of Phnom Penh. It is directly connected to governmental and private financial institutions, all accessible in less than 10 minutes.


A full-confident place to set up and grow your business, putting the wellness of the employees at the core of your strategy.

Fire safety and security are recurrent concerns in a growing market such as Cambodia.

Sathapana Tower is offering all the guarantees to provide international standards.


A prime experience offers to the occupiers of the tower. The people working at Sathapana Tower are beneficiating from the bank agency services and premium Starbucks coffeehouses on the ground floor. 

CBRE Cambodia as the Property Management company in charge of Sathapana Tower, is insuring a 5-star service to the tenants.


A super-fast accessibility, thanks to 6 elevators of the latest generation made by KONE, the connections between the different floors of Sathapana Tower are optimized and the average waiting time for elevators is improved.


A hyper-connected building, offering a wide choice of internet service providers and integrating a powerful cellphone signal boosting system to enhance connectivity and respond to new digital business needs.


A flexible & modular workplace designed to maximise usable space, thanks to an external core and column-free floorplate.

Sathapana Tower is the perfect playground to implement the latest workplace strategy, enhancing the creativity of the workspace.


A sustainable design meant to rationalize utility consumption for better operational cost optimization.

Combining wellness and sustainability, thanks to bright workspaces with fully-glazed facades, reflecting 80% of sunrays for sustainable A/C efficiency.
Sathapana Tower is also offering an effective centralized air-conditioning. 

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